Crossroads Grooming and Boarding
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About Us

Crossroads Grooming and Boarding, once a veterinary clinic, was the first pet boarding kennel in Champaign-Urbana. The facility is open year round, including holidays. The founder and Veterinarian Dr. Al Griffiths built Crossroads in 1956.  He spent much of his time working in this exam/now grooming room while he lived and worked as a vet on the property himself until he died in May of 2010. Though Dr. Griffiths passed away years ago, the current owner, Irene Strowmatt, is very much a Irene Familyhands-on caregiver for all the pets. 

Irene was the Manager of Crossroads but also like family to Dr. Griffiths as she worked for him for over 10 years. Irene, the owner and operator of the facility since May 2010, knows dogs well. Irene works all hours feeding, exercising, caring for the pets and is the main groomer. Irene taking residency at the facility as Dr. Griffiths once did is so dedicated to the pets in her care; she only takes a week’s vacation a year. Irene really is phenomenal when it comes to the care of pets. Her years of hand on experience are demonstrated in her knowledge and competence. Irene is trustworthy and operates at the highest level of integrity. Irene is the mother of two children. Her son DJ lives with her and is about to graduate from High school. Her daughter is a U.S. Marine. When Irene is not working she is making care packages to send to deployed Marines, playing with her own dog, Spyder the Doberman and spending time with her companion Jim. 

JimJim lives on the property with Irene. You will see him lending a helping hand often and working as “residential handyman”.  With his help Irene has made some beautiful updates to the facility and made many changes to ensure a safer and more function able environment. When Jim is not keeping Crossroads beautiful, lending a helping hand, or working his full-time job, he is out Jeeping, fixing up Jeeps or shopping for Jeeps/Jeep parts. 

Faithfaith also became like family to Dr. Griffiths and Irene while working for the Doctor for just under 10 years and has been with Crossroads even since. Faith, a former Animal Control Officer now an accountant, handles the financial and some administrative duties of Crossroads. Additionally Faith helps Irene care for the animals. You will mostly see Faith when Irene is on her week vacation and Holidays. Faith is a true lover of dogs and cats. When Faith is not working, she is spending time with her family, including her Boston Terrier and Siberian Husky.   

BrandyBrandy is another assistant and only other groomer. Brandy spends many weekday mornings at Crossroads bathing and grooming dogs. A former hairstylist, Brandy attention to detail and her love for animals makes Brandy the perfect fit at Crossroads as a part-time groomer. When Brandy is not at Crossroads she is busy being a mother of three beautiful girls.  

KristiKristi has been at Crossroads longer than anybody. She was a part-time assistant on the weekends to Dr. Griffiths and has worked as a care-giver at Crossroads ever since. Kristi is now a full time Vet Technician at the University of Illinois and works very few hours at Crossroads, but is always willing to jump in and help when asked.